Advanced Dental Care and Implant Centre Staff Patients About Us Advanced Dental Care and Implant Centre Staff Patients About Us Advanced Dental Care and Implant Centre Staff Patients About Us

We Have 34+ Years Experience.

We aim to provide a dedicated preventative approach which helps your teeth and gums stay in peak condition and keeps treatment to a minimum.

We are committed to providing high quality care in a relaxed, supportive environment. This involves utilizing high technology equipment, tools and materials.

Advanced Dental Care and Implant Centre Tooth About Us

Our Goals

- To fully explain all procedures and to provide a written explanation and estimate.

- To make recommendations but leave final decisions firmly with you the patient.

- To give excellent value for money.

- To limit the number of daily patients so that you can be seen on time for your appointment in a relaxed and unhurried atmosphere.

Expert Team

Our Mission.

Our primary purpose is to provide the highest quality dental care possible to all of our patients in an atmosphere that is truly representative of our love for dentistry.
Each patient deserves our focused attention and best efforts to make his/her experience one that stands far above the norm. Our practice depends on the success of these efforts.
A comprehensive approach to dental care is the foundation of our practice. Our goal is to establish and maintain a quality and service oriented practice that offers all phases of dentistry.

Our Office Philosophy.

Our dental practice is a team-spirited, patient-centered office. We believe in the best possible care for all of our patients and will do our best to give them that care.
We treat each patient exactly the same, in a friendly, caring manner and we never pre-judge their ability to pay for our services. We continually update our skills and our technology for the benefit of our patient's care and also for our own personal and professional growth. We try our best to follow all of the outlined policies and back each other 100% with those policies.

Our Expert And
Dedicated Team.