Can I see a specific dentist?

Yes you can request any dentist you wish. Dr. Sealy has the longest waiting list however one of the associates will be able to treat you in an emergency.

Are there any paediatric dentists at this office?

Yes, All the associates are trained in the treatment of children and enjoy doing so.

Is it necessary to have a cleaning done every 6 months?

Yes, it is important to have your teeth cleaned every six months. Put simply, you maintain above the gums by brushing and flossing and your dentist maintains below the gums, in the gum pockets by scaling. A toothbrush cannot clean the gum pockets around the teeth. It is important to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy to ensure that they last a very long time. Regular cleanings also allows us to monitor the health of your gums and if you have periodontal disease, regular maintenance helps keep it under control.

Do I need an appointment to have dental treatment done?

Yes, we prefer if you schedule an appointment. This allows us to allocate a block of time to your care. However, if you have an emergency, we are happy to accommodate you without an appointment on short notice. Please inform the office of the nature of your emergency immediately.

Is it necessary to have fluoride treatment done? What are the benefits of fluoride treatment?

Yes, we recommend that you have a fluoride treatment done at least every six months with your hygiene visit. Fluoride is absorbed into the enamel of your teeth, which makes it harder and renders it more resistant to decay. Often It is also used to treat sensitive teeth.

Why should I replace a missing back tooth?

If you fail to replace an extracted back tooth with a false tooth, you could lose all of your teeth. It is a domino effect where opposing teeth can move downwards or upwards and the teeth beside the space can start tilting and drifting.