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Wisdom Tooth Removal

Why Remove Impacted Wisdom Teeth?
Impacted Wisdom Teeth can cause pain, infection, tooth decay, gum disease and cysts in the jaw bone.

A quick consultation for impacted wisdom tooth removal is available.

The darkened areas circled on the image below indicate areas of tooth decay on neighbouring teeth due to the impacted wisdom teeth.

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Before and After: Upper and Lower Left Wisdom Tooth Removal

Service Page

Before and After: Upper and Lower Right Wisdom Tooth Removal

Simple and Complex Extractions

Tooth removal, sometimes the option of last resort, is what we call tooth extraction. The extraction may be simple or complex. We will assess and advise you accordingly.

Whatever procedure is required we guarantee that your experience will be pain free.

Socket Preservation

If you are planning to do implants, preservation of the socket is important. Ask your dentist about this option.

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