Metal Dentures are usually more comfortable than the acrylic ones because they cover a smaller area and can be tooth supported i.e Supported by the natural remaining teeth.

Acrylic Dentures are made of acrylic which is a type of plastic material. This is the most common type of replacement because it is the most economical.

An Advanced Alternative – Flexi Dentures
Sunflex® Partial Dentures

  • No metal clasps.
  • Perfect degree of felxibility.
  • More stain-resistant than other flexible acrylics.
  • Ideal for patients considering a removable partial and do not want metal clasps.
  • Will not warp or become brittle.
  • Can be rebased and repaired.
  • Perfect for patients allergic to monomer.
  • An aesthetically superior removable partial with full functionality and comfort.
  • Teeth and clasps can be added later.

Dental Implants


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